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Our break-up was the best thing that has ever happened to me

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

How is it possible?

Yes! It is!

Actually it’s more than possible. Its natural. It’s the circle of life. The sooner we accept this the faster we’ll find our long searched happiness.

What happened? And why losing you is the best thing in my life?

Well, I loved you. I still love you.

When you broke up with me I died. One part of me died. I only had a body that was barely able to move. I was in complete darkness.

The pain was so intense and constant that I was sure I was dying.

Thank God that I have such friends around me, taking care of me, standying by me, trying to comfort me all this hard time.

I am sure almost all of you know what I am talking about. Break ups are fuckups but they are part of life.

So, really slowly I started to recover. Really slowly I started to come back to life. To the life without you.

It was as if I was entering a whole new world. In the beginning it was frightening, because everything was new and I didn’t have you next to me to hold my hand. I really slowly started to learn how to move, as a newborn baby. I started with a few steps, fell down, stood up and made new steps, and then some more and some more…

I was curious, so I started to look around, what do we have here in this new world?

Well, for sure I have faithful amazing friends. I have family that loves me. I have ME. OK, that’s obvious. But… There was something else. There was something that was so brightening that I had to close my eyes to be able to see it. It was shiny and bright and magical, surreal. It was approaching me. Finally, my eyes started to adapt, so I was able to clearly see. No! It was not a man (as you would probably suggest)! It was my NEW ME! My dreamed Me! My better Me! My dream approached me! I started my blog! I had such an inspiration, enthusiasm and love about it, so I really felt as I am in love! The feeling was exactly the same! And I could feel the Universe itself was supporting me in that – the appropriate people and situations and ideas came over.

I started to smile, to feel love and to be happy again!

No! Not with another man who would replace you!

But with the Best version of Myself!

A New Me! A Released Me!

So, now you see?...

The break-up with you was the best thing that has ever happened to me! Thanks, babe.


Dedicated to a man that I will always love as my Soulmate.

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